Your web site from £300.00!


<strong>The Costs</strong><strong>Design & build</strong><strong>Domain</strong><strong>Hosting</strong><strong>Options</strong><strong>Maintenance</strong><strong>Consultancy</strong>

The aim is to provide you with accurate customised quotation based upon your specific requirements, below is a guide of typical costs involved. Future expansion of your site will also be considered.

There are typically 3 cost elements that go together to make up the total cost of your web site,

  • Design and build
  • Domain name registration
  • Domain site hosting




Then there may be further costs involved dependent upon your specific requirements.

Less frills… from £300.00

Simple design site containing up to 5 pages (e.g. Home, About, Gallery, Contact, Links) based upon the customer provision of all images, logos etc. Resizing and watermarking of images where necessary. Standard photo gallery.

More frills… around.. £400.00 – £700.00

More detailed design, top pages and sub pages, logo design, embedded forms, video slide shows, payment forms, enhanced photo gallery, e-commerce.

purchase and registering of a domain name (approx £10.00 per annum)

Wix hosting approx. £75.00 per year

WordPress hosting approx. £15.00 – £40.00 per year

Note: Wix host all their own websites. WordPress requires an independent site hosting company.

Site emails, themes, add-ons, plug-ins, e-commerce…

If photography or graphic design is required a separate quotation may be provided.

Once your web site is live, support for the first month will be included and from then on it can then be self-maintained.

However JKP Design can offer two on-going “peace of mind” maintenance options to suit the style of your particular site.

Lite maintenance – £84.00 per annum.

For sites that are more static, this includes the adding and updating minimal content, customer support, find and fix broken links, ensuring regular component updates are applied.

Full maintenance – £168.00 per annum.

For sites that require regular updates of content, products, images, menus, events, pdf’s, links etc., customer support, find and fix broken links, site housekeeping, ensuring regular component updates are applied.

(pricing per web site)

WordPress maintenance includes:

  • Backing up your website
  • Installing updates
  • Processing comments
  • Setting up security
  • Keeping track of website health
  • Optimizing your database

Maintenance Costs

Maintenance is based upon the management of prepared data within the existing host, site and pages and will not include the addition of extra pages, functionality or site migrations or conversions, these more comprehensive site modifications will be quoted for outside of any maintenance agreement in place.

If you would like help or advice on an existing project then we are happy to help. Just contact us to discuss!

Rate for consultancy £25.00 per hour


Note: All pricing estimates are based upon figures available January 2016